I just wanted to create a post to give folks a clearer idea of the kind of things I can create for them. This is a simple list with samples, and is not all inclusive. If there’s something not on this list that you’re looking for, please feel free to contact me and ask!

Character or NPC Designs

Honestly, this is my greatest strength. I’ve been designing and illustrating characters for decades. It’s what I feel most comfortable with.

Creature Designs

Following closely on the heals of Character Design is my comfort with Creature Designs.

I’ve spent some time redesigning goblins and orcs for a personal projects and fun. I can certainly do the same for you, or develop something from scratch if you’ve come up with something entirely new.

Profile or Avatar Portraits

Whether you’re looking to have your character immortalized as your message board avatar, or you would like to have your own face illustrated for your social media presentation, I’ve got you covered.

Crests, Banners, & Logos Oh my!

From the kingdom’s crest for your adventure to your marketing materials, a unique crest created to your specifications can add style and regality to your materials.

As with all of my products, I can either work with you on the elements to be combined into your crest, or if you prefer, I can ‘take the ball and run with it’ to make things easier for you.

Color, greyscale, or black and white options are all available for print or digital only products.

Webcomics or Comic Strips

Whether it’s a simple humor strip for your corporate newsletter, a bit of humor for your blog, or a little levity to walk your audience through instructions for your product, I can create comic strips like those in the webcomic gallery of this site for you.

Headers or Footers

Whether you’re developing a for sale PDF product, or a post on your blog – custom developed headers or footers give them the kind of polish that can set you apart from the countless others who are producing content.

Single Use

These are custom built for a single, important element. It can include a small / simple object (like some specific text, a gem, a piece of jewelry, a coin, a flower, etc) within the header or footer.

These can be purchased in bulk (say, for chapter headings) for a discounted rate.

General Use

These can often be less expensive than the Single Use because a single header or footer can be used more than once by design. These too can include a small / simple object

Spot Illustrations


Encounter Maps

Page Backgrounds (tea stained pages etc.)

Book Covers

Traditional Caricatures

Caricature Plus

A traditional caricature with a more detailed body of a fantasy / sci-fi / superhero type. Your buddy Bob’s head with a barbarian warrior’s physique, or Jane’s caricature as the uniformed captain of the SS Triedntru.

Art Memes


(As an example of art memes. Come up with a couple more.)

Rewards / Prizes

Want to run a competition? Need a unique prize? Custom art is great for that. Maybe the winner gets one of those character portraits or an art meme social media portrait? The options are pretty much endless.