Some plans for things I would like to do on my Patreon page.

Since I’ve been so focused on my Patreon Page for the last couple of years, almost all of my newer work has been displayed there exclusively. There’s the odd public post (see my recent Spring / Easter post) but most of the work is only seen by my patrons.

I’m going to do some things to help more folks see what I do.

Public Posts on Patreon

First thing I’m going to do is to open more of my posts on Patreon so that they are publicly viewable.

There’s a nice feature to help with this. It will allow my patrons to see it ‘exclusively’ first, but eventually, the post will go public. I’ll use that for more posts. I won’t do it with everything (I think my patrons should get something exclusive for supporting me) but I’ll do it with more.

So even if you’re not able or interested in supporting what I’m doing financially, consider following me over there to see more stuff popping up!

A New Tier – Postcards

I’ve been thinking for a while about adding one or more new tiers to my profile, and I think I’ve finally decided on one that folks might actually be interested in. Postcards.

It’s annoying to have to go somewhere and check a website or read emails to see what someone’s been up to. But snail mail? Something that just shows up to your house? That might be kinda fun!

I’m working on figuring out what I would charge for such a thing, and if I want to put a cap on the number of folks who could join at that level.

Something Else?

I’m open to suggestions for other things I could do to make my page of more interest to folks who might use it. So if you have an idea, I would love to hear it!

Comment here, or ping me on ‘the socials’, or whatever. 🙂