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Another podcast that I’m a huge fan of is the TableTop Champions. I started listening during Season 3.

I don’t often do fan art, but there was something about this show that really spoke to me. Good friends around the game table and playing a ttrpg. What’s more, they’re creative and interested in playing unique characters. That’s… surprisingly rare.

All of the Season 3 Characters from the Tabletop Champions Podcast Together
The Season 3 Characters from the Tabletop Champions Podcast as They Were Early in the Season

So I thought I would do some drawings of their characters as I imagined them to say thanks for all the great entertainment.

They liked the results enough that they asked to pay for them and then put the art on their merch. That’s a pretty great ‘thank you’ for my ‘thank you’ if you ask me.

Colin Tinble the Mousefolk Monk


First up is Colin Tinble. Described as a mouse-folk monk, Colin is a sage warrior with a soft spot for protecting the young – especially orphans.

Played by Kyle, Colin won a special place in my heart. Something about him reminded me of the calm, quiet Kwai Chang Caine of the Kung Fu series from my childhood. Also? I kinda loved that he was a mouse.

Lux – the Childlike Wizard


Next we have Lux. Described as a small child, she’s actually quite a bit more. At the very least, she’s a wizard, and the wiki says that she’s human, but I seem to recall that she’s (SPOILER) a shapeshifter of some kind. Something makes me think changeling? While playing Lux, Stephanie spoke with a slight lisp which just added a little extra adorable to the character.

Minos Stoutheart and Vrath

Minos Stoutheart (and Vrath the Pixie)

It’s not any great secret that I am a bit of a Nipponophile, so I suppose it should be no big shock that I really enjoyed Matt‘s character Minos Stoutheart who is clearly inspired by the samurai of Japan’s feudal era.

Vrath the NPC was quite the comedic relief to Minos’ stoic demeanor. So much so that she eventually built a home in his beard and would invite her pixie friends for a party.

Ren McTavish – Rabbitfolk Ranger


Ren McTavish, played by Lauren was a clever and adroit archer (ranger) with a dark past. At one time a slave, Ren worked hard to balance the karmic scales.

Elyron Syrel the Aasimar Mystic


Elyron Syrel, the aasimar mystic was played by Ben in season 3. He was a calming and reassuring force for the group. And when he needed to be, a powerful force in battle when he brought his psionics to bear on their opponents.

The Wild – Circle of the Land Druid

The Wild

The Wild was a weird, ominous, and even creepy in some way druid of the Circle of the Land played by Kyle later in the season.