It’s probably way too early to be posting samples of my planned book, but I thought ”What the Hell? Why not?”

Thought y’all might like to see what I’m working on.

Whole Figure Proportions

Body types from my upcoming book.

There are essentially three different types of proportions for human bodies: Sex, Type, and Height.


As seen above, and for the simplicity of a starting point, we’re going to use sex as a spectrum from masculine to feminine with androgyny somewhere in the middle.


For our purposes, type is broken down into 3 separate. There are, of course, infinite variations on these three types, but for now, we’re going to stick with these three for simplicity.


Skinny, lanky, or lean. Low levels of body fat, but they also don’t have a whole lot of muscle mass.

When designing characters, ectomorphs can be used to build a sense of speed or fragility into characters. 


Middle of the road. They don’t have a lot of body fat (though they’re not bereft of it either) and the do have some muscle mass. In fact, I may have gone a bit too ‘superhero’ with my examples here, but you get the idea.

When designing characters, mesomorphs often feel ‘vanilla’ because of a lack of innate traits that audiences will assume of the character.


Thick, big boned, or stocky. High levels of body fat. They also tend to have more muscle mass, but it’s not as clearly visible as on the mesomorphs.

Characters designed with endomorphic body types will often be assumed to be slow, but powerful.