This is referenced in the Strondin Greyspine PDF
Zayep is one of the brotherhood who helped Strondin when he arrived in town bloody and beaten.

So I started thinking about this, and I like the idea that Olios is a Moon god. First of all, the name just sounds right. Olios should have something to do with the moon. What exactly, I don’t know yet, but I like the idea of a ‘truth seeker’. “He brings light in the darkness.” These all sound like good things.

But, like all religions, there are folks who are seeing things differently.

A faction within the brotherhood that are lycanthropes and who want to… what? Take over? Use the local town as their hunting grounds? Something.

What I don’t want to go with is the typical ‘pure blood’ scenario. Been done to death. Hell, there’s even Blood and Chocolate and the whole church theme (even if peripherally).