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Support My Art

Patreon Page. Right now, without question, the best way you can support my illustration work is by joining my Patreon Page. For $2/month (or more, if you like) you’ll get ~4 full color characters or creatures with black and white “coloring book” versions and a sketch version too!

KoFi. I also technically have a Ko-Fi, though I haven’t posted anything to it. Still, some folks like to use that as a kind of ‘tip jar’, so…

Coloring Book. I collected a bunch of the ‘inked only’ versions of my characters and creatures into a coloring book and offer it through my Gumroad account. It’s ‘pay what you want’, so you can pay $0 if you like, you can pay enough for me to retire on, or you can land somewhere in between.

Spread the Word. Don’t have any spare cash right now, and nothing above suites your fancy? I sincerely and deeply appreciate whenever someone shares what I do on social media! Please feel free to @ mention me (or whatever) and I promise – if I see it, I will stop in and chat!


If you would like to get in touch to commission me, please feel free to use the form below. Serious inquiries only, please.