I have some news regarding my Patreon Page that I think may make some of you very happy.
A rough sketch of the artist welcoming you to view some of thei patreon artwork for free
I bid you welcome!

I have some news regarding my Patreon Page that I think may make some of you very happy.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how the vast majority of what I draw / paint gets locked behind the gates at Patreon, only to be seen by my patrons.

In one sense, that’s a good thing. I want it to never be a question whether or not the money my patrons are spending is ‘worth it’. I want the answer to forever be “OMG, hellz yes!”


What about those folks who can’t or won’t spend the (currently) $2/month to support me? Don’t they deserve to see at least some of that artwork? Wouldn’t they enjoy seeing that stuff?

My recent experience selling my new and improved coloring book really kinda answered that question for me. Clearly, people want other ways to see (and even support) the kind of work that I do.

The problem is that keeping up with all the various ways that others use the internet is both exhausting and would draw energy away from what I should be doing most – making the art.

Well, apparently Patreon has been doing something about this issue and I was unaware (no real shock there).

Starting today, I’ll begin to make some of my posts time-delayed public. That is to say that my patrons will see it right when they get posted and then two weeks later, that same post will automatically become public!

So what does this mean for you?

Well, if you join Patreon (for free), you can ‘follow’ me there for free. Then, when those posts become public, Patreon will let you know via email as long as you don’t turn that off.

Free, easy, and you don’t have to go someplace to find my newest stuff since Patreon sends you an email!

But what about Dragonbones.net?

I will continue to use my site for the really big stuff. I’ll even do some occasional smaller stuff and / or big announcements here. I just don’t want to make you ‘check back’ all the time. Who has time for that?!

So what sort of Stuff will be going up over at your Patreon Page?

Well, I do weekly characters and / or creatures over there. That’s a steady stream of figurative illustration work. Patrons get free (beyond their membership) use for their private (non profit) game tables / VTTs. Now, if you follow me there, you’ll get some of that too!

What if I DO want to support you on Patreon?

Wow – thanks! Well, you certainly may. It’s only $2/month and you’ll get access to everything I post there, which (as noted) includes stuff folks won’t see anywhere else.

You’re also able to up the monthly amount if you’re feeling exceedingly generous (though, seriously – please don’t feel like you need to – every penny sincerely helps!)

Any big plans for anything else on your Patreon Page?

I’ve been thinking about doing narrated time lapse videos of the stuff I do. The problem is that this would require a whole new process beyond the work I’m already doing, and since this isn’t my fully time job…

Perhaps I should make that a ‘stretch goal’?

I don’t know – what do you think?

Please – consider sharing this post with any friends or family who you think might appreciate my art or enjoy using it in their game sessions!

And now, as a treat for you, since you made it all the way down here to the bottom of the post, here are some of the characters I’ve created for my Patreon Page which haven’t been visible elsewhere until now!

A custom blue demon with four horns and metal plates bolted onto it as a form of armor.
My take on the classic lion / humanoid centaur like creatures called wemics.
A white haired elvish ship captain looking off into the distance through their spy glass